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The 23rd June 2016 was an important and historic day for the whole country. Everyone eligible to vote would decide whether Britain should stay or leave the EU.

Despite being too young to vote, Mr Spong did not want Ralph Sadleir pupils to miss out on having their say. Throughout the week, lessons revolved around this subject and pupils were taught, given the opportunity to discuss and then decide on whether we should be IN or OUT.

On the big day itself, the whole school was divided into mixed age groups, and pupils worked together through numerous tasks to get to a position where they felt informed enough to make their final vote. Some had their heads down trying to digest some tricky information, others were sparked into heated discussions, and some just enjoyed the opportunity to work with different children from other years groups. From walking around, it seemed that pupils were just as divided as the country in trying to choose which was the best choice to make.

We will let you know how Ralph Sadleir pupils voted as soon as they have been counted. LATEST UPDATE: 57% of Ralph Sadleir pupils voted to REMAIN in the EU.

Here are some photos of the day.



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