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1. Purpose
2. Data collection timetable and key dates
3. General progress
4. Resolution of duplicates
5. Data issues
6. Editing data in COLLECT
7. Support
Reference: SC 2013-16 (ACNM)

Issued to: All Non-Maintained Special Schools, Academies, Free Schools and City Technology Colleges
Issue Date: 25/10/2013
School Census News Bulletin
Education Data Division
Please note: For the purposes of this bulletin any references to academies will include free schools, UTCs and studio schools (i.e. these schools are required to complete the School Census in the same manner as any other academy).
1. Purpose
The purpose of this note is to provide School Census contacts with an update on general progress and to offer some guidance and advice on current issues in advance of the return date of 30 October 2013.
2. Data collection timetable and key dates
A full list of the key dates for the 2013 Autumn School Census is available in the 2013 School Census news section of the department’s website.
As the return date of 30 October 2013 is next week, we would appreciate it if schools still to make a submission could do so as soon as possible.
3. General progress
Figures taken from COLLECT as at 10 am on 25 October 2013………
Of the 21,599 schools expected to make an Autumn Census return, 21,333 have been loaded onto the COLLECT system. Of these 11,922 have been authorised by the department and 340 have been loaded and validated or amended by source, but not yet submitted.
With respect to the 340 files currently at the loaded and validated or amended by source status in COLLECT, please be aware that you must still submit your data as before (i.e. when the validation or editing is completed and the status changed to ‘loaded and validated’ or ‘amended by source’ you must press the ‘submit’ button in COLLECT).
4. Resolution of duplicates
This is a reminder that, where possible, all duplicate UPNs should be resolved by database closure. Failure to resolve duplicates will affect the calculation of the Schools Block of the Dedicated Schools Grant.
You can access further information on these duplicate reports on the Department’s website.
5. Data issues
5.1 Term on Term Query 4 – FSM
If you receive any term on term queries against increases/decrease in your Free School Meals Eligibility data (i.e. TonT4b or TonT4c) it is important that you specifically mention that ‘more/less pupils have been accepted with FSM eligibility’ in the notepad entries to allow DfE to accept the query.
This was a requirement placed on the DfE following an audit on the data which will be used to allocate the Pupil Premium and therefore we will not be in a position to accept confirmed as correct as an acceptable notepad entry for these queries.
5.2 Validation 1750Q and Term on Term free school meal checks
There has been some confusion where schools are receiving both of the above checks which look at FSM periods. To clarify, check 1750Q simply looks at the number of pupils with a period of FSM eligibility recorded in the Autumn Census as a percentage of pupils on roll and will trigger if this is greater than 45%. FSM periods collected via the Autumn Census relate to any periods that were live at any point since the previous census and that is why the error message for this refers to ‘periods since the last census’.
The term on term FSM checks compare the number of pupils eligible for FSM on census day with the number eligible on the previous census day. If there is an increase or decrease of 7 percentage points or more from the previous term then a query will be generated (TonT4B for an increase or TonT4C for a decrease).
Therefore, if a schools has more than 45% of pupils eligible for free school meals on census day and this number has increased or decreased by 7 percentage points or more since the last term a school will receive both of these validation queries.
5.3 Validations 1881Q, 1882, 1883Q
If you receive any of the above validation queries against your data which are only acceptable if a pupil attended a school, left and was subsequently readmitted it is important that you specify which term the pupil left and was readmitted in within your notepad otherwise the EDD Helpdesk will need to call to confirm this.
5.4 Internet explorer trusted sites
Some schools have reported problems when they are trying to export files. In order to resolve this problem please ensure that COLLECT has been added to your internet explorer ‘trusted sites’. Please see the reference guide attached (for instructions on how to do this.
6. Editing data in COLLECT
As previously notified, from Autumn Census 2013, the ‘edit’ facility in COLLECT was made available for all users, including schools regardless of type. More information is available on the School Census News Pages
7. Support As always, if you have any queries about any of the points covered in this note, COLLECT or School Census in general, please use the Data collections service request form. Please use the feedback form if you have any comments about the data collection content on the web site, the service offered by the EDD Helpdesk, the COLLECT system or any other aspect of our data collection service. Any queries regarding Secure Access should be directed to the Secure Access Helpdesk via a Secure Access Service Request form.
Thank you in advance
Education Data Division Helpdesk
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