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QuestionStrongly Agree %Agree %Disagree %Strongly Disagree %Strongly Agree & Agree %Disagree & Strongly Disagree %
I enjoy school18671138514
I feel safe at Ralph Sadleir385651946
Adults at Ralph Sadleir care about me2662928811
I feel comfortable approaching staff if I have a problem19552427426
Most pupils in Ralph Sadleir behave well11721528317
Ralph Sadleir staff have high expectations of pupil behaviour454950945
Bullying is dealt with effectively at Ralph Sadleir26551638119
The Senior Leadership Team do a good job in leading and managing the school345861927
I know what I am learning in each lesson355671918
I know the next steps needed to improve23621318514
Adults expect me to work hard and do my best583921973
Homework supports or extends my learning19472596634
I feel that pupil achievements are recognised and rewarded30541338416
Ralph Sadleir promotes healthy lifestyles21571838821
Ralph Sadleir is interested in the views of its pupils22631318514
I feel trusted to do things on my own29571128613
I am proud to be part of the Ralph Sadleir Community 355663919
I feel supported moving up in to the next academic year group29531528217
The Ralph Sadleir values will help me to become a well-rounded individual2070919010
I would recommend Ralph Sadleir School to others34511048514

Dance Jam Academy ‘Musical Theatre’ after school club starting Monday 6th November 2017,  3.30-4.30 pm in the main school hall. Please contact school office for more details.



You are warmly invited to our Open Morning on Wednesday 29th November 2017, 10.30 - 12noon