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“On Friday 18th March, we went to Bishop Stortford College to see their Science Centre. When we got there, a lady took us to the Science Room and she said we could go and explore the room. So we did.

There were lots of cool things. My favourite things were the Plasma Ball, Chinese Bowl and the Tardis.

Next we had a quiz. We had a choice of working on our own or with a partner. The questions were about the different experiments around the room. I really enjoyed the trip, it was really fun.”

“When we got to Bishop Stortford College, there were lots of activities to look at. My favourites were the electrical circuits and the Plasma Ball. I liked the circuits because we could experiment with different materials to find out which ones conduct electricity.

I also enjoyed the magnets, especially when I could build a tower out of pennies which were connected to a magnet and then hung the tower of pennies upside down.

I found out a lot of things, for example: in 1992 coins became magnetic, there are two types of reflector and caustic soda is very alkaline.”




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