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duxford bM6 and F6 went to Duxfordduxford c Imperial War Museum on Monday 8th June, 2015. We went there to learn about life for children during World War II- which we have been studying in History. During the day we did many activities and looked at lots of modes of transport; soldiers’ equipment; weapons and much more!

Firstly, my class went to a workshop to learn about how young people could help with Civil Defence and what to do if bombs struck. If a HE (High Explosive) bomb hits we go into our Anderson Shelter. If a gas bomb drops, we put on our gas masks.

duxford dAfter that we went around theduxford a museum to see the aeroplanes and other types of transport. Overall our trip to Duxford was a great success: everyone enjoyed it and we had a good day to remember.

Rachel B, F6



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