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PGL – Day 5

And, finally, the last day is here. Presently rooms are being packed up – suddenly all the clothes that were packed to get here strangely don’t fit back in the cases, but, bit by bit we are getting there!

Soon we’re off for our last hearty breakfast, before a morning of; abseiling, archery, quad biking, problem solving, vertical challenge and Jacob’s Ladder, to create some final cherished memories to bring home with us. A lunch of burgers awaits before our departure and back to Ralph Sadleir.

Everyone has great recollections of the week, challenges that we have overcome, friends we have made and ways in which we have surprised ourselves; climbing higher, driving faster, solving problems, being prepared to swing, as well as developing skills such as belaying and harnessing ourselves up.

So, it will be with a mix of emotions that we will leave Liddington later, but all grateful to Kat and Megan our tremendous group leaders and all of the activity leaders who have encouraged and supported us all the way. These lessons will be able to bring back to school and use throughout our lives.

See you all later!

Mr Creasey


PGL – Day 4

It’s been another glorious day here at PGL, the sun has shone brightly – just as well with everyone undertaking raft building this morning. This was a particularly wet activity for many of the children, proving the necessity for a change of footwear, as the photos testify!

The day began – after a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ to George W – with an unusual start with a trip to the abseiling tower to carry out the water balloon drop to complete last night’s ‘Splash’ challenge. The lure of being able to throw unburst balloons heightened expectations, but unfortunately (or not for Kat and Megan) they remained unbroken! This led to breakfast and my usual role as Chef de Toast – a loaf of brown and white bread consumed, as well as the usual offerings.

The morning was a challenge of the children’s teamwork, consideration, problem solving and, for some, ability to avoid getting wet – and that was just raft building. There was also giant swing, Jacob’s Ladder and quad biking before lunch. After lunch came abseiling, archery, more Jacob’s Ladder trapeze, giant swing and quad biking; in all these activities the weather has been an absolute joy.

This evening, having just enjoyed a great dinner we are all packing and getting ready for campfire. However, having thought we may have seen and heard everything this week, we have just had a complaint that one of the boys is using another’s after shave – clearly getting the bug protection on ready for an evening outdoors!

See you all tomorrow! More photos are on the gallery page!

Mr Creasey

PGL – Day 3

If we thought yesterday was full, today has been even more of the same – Mrs Bickerstaff has certainly fulfilled her promise of action-packed, non-stop activities and the children are loving it! Evidence of how much the children have been doing is in the fact that we have taken over 500 pictures today!

Mercifully, thanks to yesterday’s exertions last night saw everyone enjoy a full night’s sleep – an added to bonus for Mr Craig, who didn’t have a group knock on his door fully dressed and ready to go to breakfast, at 3am! Which had been the case yesterday morning! In fact, several rooms were bleary eyed and would have appreciated a longer lie-in – which hopefully bodes well for all parents Saturday morning!

Breakfast was the usual combination of fruit, yoghurt, cereal, cooked food and the British toast mountain! This revived everyone and set us up for a great morning of open canoeing, abseiling, trapeze and the zip wire. As predicted someone (well 2 people) fell in during canoeing, one captured on camera! Still, this just added to the tales of daring and bravery – and some bravado too! Lunch provided a welcome pit-stop for everyone and gave the opportunity to catch up on each other’s exploits.

This afternoon was somewhat drier with more abseiling, fencing, abseiling, trapeze, vertical challenge and the first groups undertaking the giant swing and archery. Be warned, some children have proved themselves to be very nifty with a foil and a bow and arrow, future Robin Hoods and Maid Marians abound!

The children are just having a bit of time in their rooms before dinner and then it’s ‘Splash’ – not as wet as it sounds, a problem solving challenge to construct a water balloon catcher. The incentive is to be able to be successful and then be able to throw the complete water balloon at our group leaders, Kat and Megan!

Hopefully your weather is as nice as ours is? All downhill till Friday now!

Mr Creasey


PGL – Day 2: Evening

Phew, what a day! After a great breakfast, everyone was raring to go and ready for the full day’s activities. The children have done the school proud with their determination and resilience towards the activities and overcome some deep-seated fears, as the pictures show.

The morning began with the children undertaking two different activities, from; zip wire, tunnel trail, crate stacking, fencing and vertical challenge. This meant that children had to face height, dark (and wet), communication and co-ordination challenges to succeed and they made it to lunch rightly proud of themselves. Lunch was a great combination of; soup, salad, pasta and fruit and the excited chatter told how much they had enjoyed themselves.

However, it was soon time for the afternoon’s challenges, a mix of the same activities for different groups and again the children were excited by what they undertook and were well supported by their peers to overcome personal challenges, including several who made it to the top of the zip wire tower. From there it was a quick reassemble for evening instructions before dinner; chicken goujons and chips, beef stroganoff and rice, vegetable wellington and vegetables, as well as jelly and plenty of fruit.

This led to the evening activity of  ‘Ambush’ – hide and seek in the woods! As I type the children are unmasking themselves, from the layers of mud they applied as camouflage before a good night’s sleep, which, judging by the yawns, will occur soon.

We hope you’re enjoying yourselves – 3 sleeps and we’re back! Don’t forget to keep checking in on our gallery page for photos.

Mr Creasey


PGL – Day 2: Morning

After last night’s rather wet game of ‘Passport to the World’ – a treasure trek and general knowledge, that required navigation and team work skills the children were ready for bed, well most of them! Lights were out by 9:30pm and silence reigned by 10pm in all rooms, ready for a 7:30am alarm call.

As expected, for some the 7:30am call was a distant dream and sounds were heard emanating from most rooms between 6:30 – 7am. However, despite all groups being knocked on, 2 rooms were undisturbed and managed to sleep until 7:45am! Many learned how to work collaboratively in getting ready and all needing the bathroom!

We’ve just finished a sumptuous breakfast, with plenty for everyone – including an army ration of toast, prepared for the children in a production line! Now we’re off for our morning’s activities; Tunnel Trail, Crate Challenge, Zip Wire and Fencing, even better as the weather is cloudy, but dry – so far!

More later. Please visit the Gallery page on the website where you will find new photos every day – click here

Mr Creasey


PGL – Day 1

After a punctual arrival at school of all 76 children, despite some tears (from children as well as parents) we were off! It was evident, from the noise level, that the children were excited to be going on the trip. Thankfully the traffic gods were smiling on us and we had a smooth journey to PGL Liddington and arrived in 2 hours.

After a quick unload of the coaches, sped up thanks to the light drizzle we seemed to have attracted, the children unpacked and then had a tour of the site – they were particularly excited to see the huge dining room! Then, to burn off some excess energy they have been led in some games by our group leaders, Kat and Megan and then off to dinner! Tonight’s activity is ‘Passport to the World’ – more of which later, when I know what it is!

Enjoy some peace and quiet tonight. Please visit the Gallery page on the website where you will find new photos every day – click here.

Mr Creasey