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As and when Mr Spong sends us news and updates from the Year 7 residential trip to France, we will publish then on this page. Click on each thumbnail to view a bigger photo.

Friday 29th April

France 2016 h

Last group picture of the trip…probably!!


France 2016 g

Proof that some people might have hit the fatigue ‘wall’ -haven’t told them about the climb to the Sacré Cœur yet!!


France 2016 f

One of the highest points in all of Paris


France 2016 e

A beautiful morning at one of the most beautiful places in Paris – La Sacré Cœur


France 2016 a

Lots of VERY tired faces this morning!!

The mass pack up begins – parents please don’t expect bags to be as neatly packed as they were on the outward journey!




Thursday 28th April

France 2016 b

The pupils asked for a disco for the final night. So far it is your classic kids disco, nobody dancing, girls in groups chatting, boys running around playing ‘it’!

Plenty of Beliebers on the dance floor!


France 2016 d

Birthday cakes all done! Happy Birthday !


France 2016 c

Team Staff Selfie!


France 2016 11

The classic pic!!





Classic comments – at Pirates of the Caribbean ride:

Pupil: ‘You won’t get me on a boat’

Mr Spong: Other than the ferry and the one on the River Seine then!!


France 2016 10The children are up and a little excited…can’t think why!!


France 2016 9

It is the day that EVERYONE on the trip has been looking forward to!! EuroDisney here we come!!


France 2016 8

And now the genius of the yellow hoodie pays for itself!!


France 2016 7School residential trips aren’t ALL hard work!!


France 2016 6France 2016 5






France 2016 4France 2016 3Fancy meeting a load of RS pupils here…it’s a small world!!


France 2016 2Always posing even when queuing for crépes!


France 2016 1What’s scarier than the Haunted House…these 2 after all that sugar!!




Wednesday 27th April

France 2016 rrDinner time!


France 2016 qqWednesday evening activities!


France 2016 ppPrize to who can guess where we are today!


France 2016 oo

Pupil: Is that the London Eye? Mr Spong: Think about where we are Pupil: Oh…it’s the Great Wheel of China!


France 2016 nnFrance 2016 mmFrance 2016 ll

Boat trip down the River Seine


France 2016 jj



When in Paris by the Eiffel Tower what else do you do but the Cancan!

France 2016 kkLooks like Nôtre Dame has lost a few gargoyles!!


France 2016 iiFrance 2016 hh

Walking up the – sir not more steps!!

au deuxième étage


France 2016 gg

Walking up to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower is tiring!!


France 2016 ff


Not quite as yellow as it was on Sunday!!


France 2016 ee

Getting the introduction from Malik the animateur in our new accommodation.

I conservatively estimate that today’s visits to and the boat trip on the Seine have generated 3,476 selfies!



Although this will be a drop in the ocean compared to Euro Disney tomorrow!!

Tuesday 26th April

France 2016 bb

Some of our pupils are so refined!!


France 2016 aa

Looking out over Omaha Beach at the American Cemetery.


France 2016 xLearning about the sacrifices and life stories of American Serviceman in WW2.


France 2016 v

As close to a Sadleir as we could find in the British Cemetary.


France 2016 uA Great Great uncle and the niece who’s future he fought to secure.


France 2016 t

Crêpes in the sunshine, how very french!!


France 2016 sThese two vote for chocolate as the best filling in the crêpes.


France 2016 wThe traditional!!


France 2016 ccFrance 2016 ddVisiting the German cemetery to gain perspective from both sides!




Monday 25th April

France 2016 oFrance 2016 pFrance 2016 qFrance 2016 rPlenty of children giving the snails a go !





Classic Quotes!

“This french orange juice tastes like the orange juice at home”

Pupil: “Look at those horses”

Me: “They’re cows”

Pupil: “Same thing”

France 2016 nWalking up the beach for us was far easier than the brave Canadian forces back in 1944!!

France 2016 mFun on Juno Beach !

France 2016 lHaving a session at the Canadian museum at Juno beach about how the war affected children.

France 2016 kLe déjeuner !

France 2016 jAlmost as beautiful as St Mary’s in Standon!




France 2016 hFrance 2016 iOutside the Cathéderal de Bayeux

France 2016 gNorman – a new Ralphie!

France 2016 fThe King of Year 7?? and King Harold of England

France 2016 eReady to view the Bayeux Tapestry.




Sunday 24th April

France 2016 aAll arrived safely at the hotel, now for the rooms and dinner.


France 2016 bMeeting Malek our animateur as we arrive at the hotel.


France 2016 cThe sun is out and so is the ballon de foot.


France 2016 dLe ping pong dans le soleil